Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung here in Dublin. During these past few days of glorious sunshine, I’ve been enjoying the change in weather by The Grand Canal, a beautiful spot just moments away from my accommodation. It has been so lovely, but not so great for getting work done.

The canal glitters as the light dances in short bursts across its moving surface,

the pulsing water stretching in front of me far in each direction.

Across the way, cars murmur past seeming slower and quieter.

The sun brightens the blue-grey sky as the grass shutters with the rhythm of the wind.

The branches of the tall, barren trees surround me reaching for the water.

Smiles everywhere.

Gaits are wider and slower.

He walks alone with vague purpose. Going nowhere.

Couples with hands clasped and conversations low.

A toddler dances down the path, holding tight to his mother’s steady hand.

A man reads against the side of a building, removed and watching.

The hard morning of a businessman shows on his face.

Her chains clink and her camera beats against her chest as she gazes upwards.

The pup walks faithfully at his heels, looking ahead and not noticing any of it.

Birds fly together, higher and higher. Putting on a show.

Conversations fade into one pleasant buzz, rising and falling.

The man puts down his book and looks up as we meet eyes.

We’re all out together again and have this in common.

Happy spring, everyone!

One thought on “Spring has sprung

  1. beautiful discription of your spring Dublin

    so nice to include me in your spring – saw your cute mom & sister last week – we talked of lovely Abby. lv m

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