Day one

…or should I call it a super-day? I left my house at 9 a.m. for the airport which led me to 13 hours of travel before I arriving at Dublin at 7 in the morning their time. The sun rose on the cab ride to our apartment. Taylor and I decided it would be no good to sleep, so we trudged on. It was a blurry day of walking and exploring and getting lost.

To give an idea of my (lacking) mental capabilities at this point in

the journey, here’s the e-mail update I sent my family:

I still haven’t slept. No issues with the flight except it being too early. We had to kill time before we could check in but a nice irish man helped us with our baggage. Francis Moore was our taxi driver. He’s been driving a taxi in Dublin for 31 years. He pronounces “think” as “tink.” Pretty cute. I have a bed, but no fitted sheet yet…my mistake for not checking my bag of linens before the office closed. I also have no towel and can’t seem to find one for the life of me in this town. Taylor and I are sharing a room, and we’ve met one suitemate, Emily from Washington, DC, but she’s been gone most of the day. The place is really nice: view of a garden and the canal, but the bathroom is rough. You have to shower over the toilet pretty much. But the rest is spacious and nice with lots of windows. Sorry if this message is cryptic. Don’t think I’ve ever gone this long without sleep. Love you guys

Since then, I’ve only become slightly less dazed. Other updates: I have a fitted sheet, but still no towel. Today was orientation which culminated in an hour-long walk back to my apartment. I’m learning directions only slightly and have gained some map reading abilities.

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